How do I obtain an official Police document through The Texas Open Records Act?
How do I file a police report?
How do I pay a fine?
What if I need more information than is available on the Internet?
How can I get fingerprinted?
How do I apply for a position as a Mansfield Police Officer?
Are reports available at the Police Department instead of through the Internet?
How do I set a court date?
How do I find out if I have any outstanding warrants?
How do I find out if someone is in jail?
How do I get a vehicle released?
Do I need an alarm permit, and if so, how do I get one?
I recieved a Sexual Offender notification card in the mail. Where do I find more information on the offender?
Where do I obtain a report for an incident/accident that occurred on school grounds?
Where do I obtain a Texas driver`s license or state Identification card?
Where do I renew my vehicle registration tags?
If someone was arrested in Fort Worth but transferred to the Mansfield Jail, where do I get a copy of the arrest report?
How do I file an eviction order?
How do I drop charges against someone?
May I obtain a background check through the Police Department?
Is a crash report the same as an accident report?
How do I file a complaint against a Police Department employee?
What are Visitation Hours for Inmates?

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